1 Corinthians 4:10-14 (New Living Translation)

 10 Our dedication to Christ makes us look like fools, but you claim to be so wise in Christ! We are weak, but you are so powerful! You are honored, but we are ridiculed. 11 Even now we go hungry and thirsty, and we don’t have enough clothes to keep warm. We are often beaten and have no home. 12 We work wearily with our own hands to earn our living. We bless those who curse us. We are patient with those who abuse us. 13 We appeal gently when evil things are said about us. Yet we are treated like the world’s garbage, like everybody’s trash—right up to the present moment.

 14 I am not writing these things to shame you, but to warn you as my beloved children.

Nation Wide Fast Notice:

If ever our country needed to fast, it would be "today."

(I am posting this on behalf of my friends Lou Engle and Mike Bickle)

40-Day Fast (March 1–April 9) IHOPKC’s leadership team and many others in the nations are responding to the Lord in context to Lou Engle’s global call to fast for 40 days this spring. We are all contending for revival, global harvest, Israel, and more. During our 40-day fast, Mike Bickle is asking the Lord to move on 120 people to set their heart by God’s grace to join him in a heightened way by being in the GPR for at least 4-6 hours a day for 40 days (with exceptions for traveling, or family emergencies, etc.)—pick any hours that you want. If you plan to join him for most of these 40 days in this heightened way, then let him know by emailing him at mikebickle@ihopkc.org.



Recently, I have begun posting a few sermons on line. One of them was a very moving testimony of a preacher named Terry Law. He use to smuggle Bibles into China, and gave a true to life, jumps out of the sermon at you, of what some real Christians go through on the other side of the world. 
I thought that it would be a good reminder for the church, since we are all feeling so "persecuted," that were not able to go Grandma's for Thanksgiving Day?
I posted another concerning the "Reckless Tongue," in which the American Church is so fond of wielding toward it's brothers and sisters. Lastly, I posted another sermon which was given by a little known "Preacher," called Oral Roberts. 
I believe that this little "Preacher" at something like six foot two or whatever, had preached one of the most "cleverest" sermons, (if there is such a word?) that I have ever heard. Thus, I wanted this next generation to hear just such a "sermon."
You see, during the period of deciding whether I should "transcribe," and post it, I realized that the church has sort of buried the "Proverbial Preacher." 

In the last few decades, as once again, the church has been chasing the elusive "Prize," in which it thinks was the "reward" that the apostle Paul talked about for "running the race," it forgot how to "Preach." 

No, men heard these "wonderful," sermons on how to garner wealth for themselves, or for their "Ministry," or even on how to build thousands of massive edifices in which would somehow become useless, due to their "pursuit of the prize." 

Well, unfortunately, by choosing to only "Preach," tried and true methods that would only fulfill these goals, the Church has lost the "art of preaching?" 

You see, for a few decades most preachers, have only been "preaching" another "man's" message and they have customarily only been purposed to bring more material "wealth," into the church. 

So, here at the "crossroads" of the modern day Church, we have a wealth of riches and treasures in the Kingdom, yet no one to distribute it? 

It all sits idle in the untold billions and billions of dollars worth of Real Estate, that had been manipulated, collected or covetously garnered by many men whose only goal was to see "if they could?" 

Well, they could and they did, and in the pursuit, as I have stated, they forgot what it meant to "preach" a sermon in which it had been authored from heaven? 

Go figure!

No one qualified? 

No one with the proper credentials?

And as I stated in the same paper, I had been collecting "Sermons," for decades for the sole purpose of leaving a practical legacy of the Holy Spirit's "working" to this next generation, but God saw differently. 

Nonetheless, it is not too late, for this next generation. 

There is Hope!

There still is a God who can retrain His Faithful once again. 

There still is a God who can empower each man, even greater than the "preachers," who have gone before us.

Nonetheless, we must "repent," for many in this past generation of Preachers.

This includes their selfish actions, and almost all that was taught concerning the pursuit of worldly gain.  Our goal must be the sole pursuit of Holiness again, for the Church. For without "Holiness," no man shall really see God. 

Well, I thought that by "transcribing and posting," these sermons, that the church would be enriched.

Apparently not, because today, I heard a sermon suggesting that perhaps, my motive in posting them was to garner self pity, or to strike back at those involved in "stealing," my prizes which were due me on earth?

No, sorry, that was not my intent, nor do I feel that anybody owes me anything.

For you see, had I not experienced everything that I have experienced up until this day of my life, I would've no doubt become as "one of these." 

Nope, I have no grudge to bear, no "chip on my shoulder," I am simply being "obedient," unto the Lord. 

And although, I am sure that many would like me to take down my "Posts," I have already inquired of the Lord and He told me to leave them "Posted" until this latest "Bridegroom Fast," is over.

This one in which begins on March First, twenty twenty one and goes for forty days.

I am hoping that the theme of this "Fast," would include the raising up of untold "Holy Spirit" empowered youth and young men and women to become the "Preachers, in which have long been forgotten by the Church. 

Why is it, that everything about this past generation of Christians is always about 'Getting your proper due?"

Why can't a follower of Christ simply want to change the world for Christ with out always becoming "even," or "justly compensated," in this life?

Please listen to the "posting," or the story of "Little Red," that was transcribed. 

It isn't always about "getting things," or "getting even," or becoming "Prosperous," sometimes it is just because "You want others to have what God gave you 'Two weeks before.'"

Or maybe, it is just because you want to see this next generation succeed where you all have "failed."

You see, I want to restore the "Joy," of doing "the will of God," back to the church, such as the "Preaching of righteousness."

Like one old time preacher said, "My mama says, 'If you can make them laugh, then you can hit them in the mouth and not bust their liP.'"

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